Friday, September 21, 2007

One Picture, One Year, One Question

Someone emailed me this picture. The caption was, "How can you identify a Redneck with a DUI?"

This is my 125 post and also the anniversary of when I began this blog. Wow, a whole year already! Is time going faster or is my brain overwhelmed with so much stuff to do that it just seems to go faster? The answer is obvious. Anyway, I've been playing "catch-up" so much from being gone to Colorado last week that I haven't taken the time to think of a good TopTen for this week. I'm thinking about one for next week though - my Top Ten Rootisms. I've got quite a list to chose from. Any suggestions?

So here's my thought of the week: If faith is not sight, does sight mean it's not faith? If that's true, did Jesus have faith? Sounds like blasphemy doesn't it? If prayer is an act of faith, when Jesus prayed, was it faith or communication? You see, faith is bigger than just not seeing God. Even with those we see we have to "have faith" that we can trust them, believe them, and they listen and care. Faith isn't the absence of knowledge but a form of knowledge. As "I think" becomes "I know," it's just faith that is growing. Still, you know that Jesus never said or thought, "I think God is real." He not only knew God, had been with God, He was God! (Trinity) He never entered into prayer feeling, "Father, I sure hope you're there and you're listening." He had faith and sight. He was incapable of doubting. There were no "ifs" or "maybes" in his relationship with His Father any more than you and I can question whether or not we have/had a physical father. What does that teach us? I don't know - I just like to throw out things to make people think! Actually, it reminds me that my journey to be like Jesus must include an absolute awareness of the presence of a real and loving Father. There will be a time when faith and hope won't exist - only love will. Maybe that's where Jesus was when He was flesh and blood. He didn't need faith - He had love.


Deborah said...

Love this, Dad.

Can't wait to see the "Rootisms." I wish I had something really creative to contribute at the moment, but I've gone blank.

Don Rose said...

Just a thought from something I read recently. The call of God is the call to BE, not to do something. To BE . . . close to Him, connected to Him, in relationship with Him. It's not to be do any particualr occupation, like preacher, or social worker. Sometimes I keep thinking I should be doing something extra great for him, when I need to remember it's more a matter of focusing on BE-ing with Him in everything I do.