Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Water, Water, Every Where...

Scroll down and take another look at the pictures of our pond out back that I posted last Saturday.  That was four days ago, and it's a lot worse.  There is something disconcerting about looking out our living room window and seeing clear physical signs of drought.  Usually, when we've heard about such things in the past and even when it was happening around us, I found myself thinking, "Oh, those poor farmers."  But, I was in my temperature controlled house, my fridge was full, and it never caused me to lose a minute of sleep.  But that drying up pond...it's a constant metaphor to me...of a soul that is drying up - the sadness and danger of being in a spiritual drought.
I was spiritually watered and excited last week, long before we went to a spiritual retreat that added to both my spiritual sustenance and my spiritual excitement - but I've been dry before.  It's just like the present drought.  One day without rain is no big deal!  One week is common!  But then it became weeks and then months and...and...survival became the issue.  Satan rarely slaps us upside the head and demands that we obey him.  He's subtle, deceptive, and gradual.  He's interested in the war not the battles.
Jesus is living water!  People don't start out planning to be in a spiritual drought, they just gradually disconnect from the Water Fountain.  The amazing thing is that we can "do church" and still never take a drink!  We can "party hearty with the holy ones" and never quench the real thirst in our throat - that thirst for closeness with Jesus.  We just stop reading his Word, stop thinking about him and what he would do, and we stop communicating with the only One who has a pitcher of water in his hand.  We spend our time in dry places and never hydrate head of time - or after.  We weaken, lose interest, feel burdened by opportunities, and we forget how good it tasted to drink deeply from the only water that not only gives life but is life.
Got a drinking problem?  Don't let it become a drought.

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