Monday, July 30, 2012

Reunion Time

We did a quick trip to Searcy, Arkansas last Thursday, and returned on Saturday.  It was time for the Curtis Family reunion.  We were blessed to have all our family there except for Jonathan and Holly who couldn't get there from LA.  On Thursday night, we had about 21 for dinner at Donna's mother's house and then on Friday evening we had 34 for dinner.  The picture above and below are of the singing time we had, after dinner, all crammed into the small living room.  Three of us were off in the kitchen area, joining in as best we could.  I took these two pictures with my IPhone.  It's four generations of family, starting with Donna's mom on the far left, through her four children (Donna, two sisters, and brother) and spouses, through twelve grand children and spouses (not all were there), and then most of the twenty great grand children you see scattered all over the room.  Even the youngest enjoyed the family singing.

The picture below is at the larger Curtis Family reunion on Saturday.  After having a great lunch together, it was time for group pictures.  There were pictures of each family group, cousins, and patriarchs, and then this attempt to get a picture of all the children.  It was chaos.  They had to be dragged in there from playing, and many were tired and ready for naps (it was 1:30 already), but it was fun to watch.  Kids are always cute - when there someone else's problem.
It was a great time to be with family.  A short time and hard trip, but well worth it.
Needless to say, it's the reason I didn't get to do another blog last week.

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