Saturday, July 21, 2012

As the DEAR pant for Water!

We have had so many pictures of our beautiful pond out back over the years that I thought I should show a couple of pictures of what it looks like now in the middle of our drought.  We got back from being gone to a retreat this past week (thus no blogs) and were saddened to see how much worse it has gotten.  In the picture below, which is straight out our back door, that water area between the two dry spots in only about eight feet wide.  Our Home Owners Association has been saving money (and raising dues) to have the pond re-dug and remade completely.  What you see is twenty-five years of silt and soil filling it up.  It is really just a holding pond and is supposed to be several feet deeper than what it is now.  I thing the plan is to do that next year, but it sure would make sense to dredge it now when it is so shallow and mostly dry.  The sad part is that we have no rain in the forecast and triple digit temps for the next week.
By the way, we had a wonderful time at the retreat!

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