Monday, April 23, 2012

Greedy Geese

We had a visit from our two permanent geese on Saturday.  We let the grand kids give them some food over a month ago - just once - and they've been coming up to our porch regularly looking for another handout.  It was a month ago, and we haven't done it since, but they haven't forgotten or given up hope.  This was the first time that one of them came up on the porch and walked around.  I took several pictures through the window - each time assuming they would spook and run, but they just stood there - I'm sure wondering when we were going to bring the food out.
Once they decided we weren't going to feed them, they hopped off the porch - and yes, that is a little gift they left us on the porch.  Why do I feel like it's a comment on how they feel about our failure to feed them?  I got the hose out to clean off the mess and to chase them a little farther away.  Just for the record, there will be no further feeding of the critters around our house by grand kids or anyone else.  It's hard enough keeping after all the birds who want to leave reminders of their "passing by" on our porch - we don't need "big" reminders from bigger critters.  Now, if I start finding deer droppings on our porch...

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