Friday, April 06, 2012

Blog # 704 says Happy Easter

At our monthly ministers meeting yesterday one of my "partners in the Gospel" asked me what we were doing for Easter this Sunday. I was somewhat surprised to realize that I hadn't even thought about it. I am very much focused on the present lesson series I'm doing "Living a Life That Counts," and it never crossed my mind to change or do anything special for Easter. It wasn't that many years ago that in our fellowship you were living dangerously if you even mentioned the word Easter let alone consider letting it influence what the plans were for the Sunday morning assembly. I'm glad those days are gone. Like Christmas, I am thankful for any day that has people thinking about Jesus - even for just an hour or two. Hey, I grew up in a family that many years was an Easter-only-go-to-church-family, and even with all the lilies, palm fonts, extra instruments, and special choir songs, I squirmed in my pew and hated wearing the new suit and tie my mother always got us. In spite of that, I still have memories of how special and precious that day was to many people. How can you hammer anything that makes people think of a crucified and slain Lord, who on that first Easter Sunday came out of that tomb confirming his Sonship and our hope of eternal life? As I have mentioned before, unlike Christmas, which we know has some pagan and political baggage in its origins, Easter - as far as historical dates go, is pretty much on target. We know this because Passover has stayed constant throughout the centuries. Besides, it's really not a matter of a correct date but a powerful and true message. If you will review the message of those men and women in Acts, especially Paul, you will see that their primary point to proclaim was the fact of the resurrection of Jesus.
Having said that, my lesson this Sunday is still about Living a Life That Counts, but I will gladly, warmly, and sincerely wish everyone a Happy Easter. So, if I don't do another Blog between now and then - Happy Easter to you!

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