Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

Our Easter Egg Hunt was yesterday morning, and it was a great morning of fun and learning for a lot of our children and children from our community. Above, Donna pauses for a quick picture with one of the many children who beam when they see "Miss Donna."

This is the same little "Sweetie" who I couldn't get to look at me for a picture because the Easter Bunny was too much fun to look at.

Early in the registration! This is one of the best organized events we do each year. We had lots of volunteers to help make everything go smoothly.

Several of my pictures came out blurry for some reason. Maybe I was just to shaky. Above is Donna telling a story to her age group of kids.

This is Valerie reading a story to the kids who were a little older. My pics of Julie and Nancy teaching some large groups of kids didn't turn out very well. I like these pictures because the adults are paying as close attention as the kids were.

This is one of several areas with eggs "hidden?" for the kids. This section was for the really small children. Like I said, the leaders of this (Connie & Linda) do an excellent job of organizing and planning. The children go to different areas at different times and for different age groups and it all goes amazingly well. Below is the table with the gift bags and the snacks for after the egg hunt. The gift bags were really full of neat stuff for the kids.

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Anonymous said...

We all "beam" when we see Mrs. Donna. I wish my grandbabies could know her, but I am thankful my girls had her in their lives. Miss you both. Sherry H.