Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sing it for me!

This coming Sunday, right after our assembly time, I will be sharing with all those interested what this year's Bible Action Musical will be. I'll be revealing this year's logo, which I am particularly excited about. This year we are back in the Old Testament doing a musical about a well known Bible character and how he/she carried out the work God gave them. While it is about a Bible story, the major theme of the play will actually be about a biblical subject that is all through the Bible, and the OT story will be told as an illustration. Lord willing, I will blog about it after my church family gets to hear about it first.

I finished the script in December and the music was all picked out back in the early Fall. The last thing I did was the rewriting of some lyrics in some of the songs. That's always one of my favorite things to do when I'm writing the play. Anyway, it was the putting together of the Cast Application form where I ask people to tell me how they fit into the SATB categories that made me think of cat picture above. I think I saved it from some pictures my brother sent me a while back. I love the look of devotion and drama on the face of the above cat.

To all my church family folks, you'll find out on Sunday, and for everyone else - click on to this blog Monday or Tuesday for a revealing of the logo and play plans. The dates are always the first full weekend in June, but this year, the first performance will actually be in May. The four performances will be May 31, June 1, 2, & 3. Put it on your calender - we'd love to have you see it. This will be our seventh musical presentation of a Bible story and we're averaging around twenty-two hundred attendees each year.

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