Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Help For Men?

I wanted to share and elaborate something I used as a side point in Sunday's lesson. I was talking about what an "Extreme Privilege" it is for us to have Jesus, our "great high priest," representing us to God when they clearly have the best communication any relationship could possibly have. After making some comments about the importance of communication (you know: "There is no relationship without communication" and my all-time-favorite "If you don't communicate, you speculate."), I did point out that most men are not as good at communicating as we need to be. I offered what I call The Total Communication Package for Men. With tongue-in-cheek, here are the only three phrases any man needs to know to respond to any communication demand.
1. "Whatever": I know, we thought it could only be used by teenagers, but it works well for any ocassion when a man can or doesn't want to make a decision or commitment. Like when your wife asks for your opinion, but you know she's not going to pay any attention to it, or when you are reminded, while watching the football game, that the yard still hasn't been mowed. It is truly an amazing all-purpose response that will gradually lessen the need for communication in the future.
2. "It is what it is": The closest thing to saying nothing while still seeming to talk. It's the perfect explanation for world events, politics, empy checking accounts, and why you haven't shaved. If you can wrinkle your forehead and gently rub your chin as you say it, you can even come across as Confucius - or Archie Bunker.
3. "A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do" : The ultimate explanation for anything and everything that one can't put into words. Just think of Vinnie Barbarino as a Jedi warrior - or Meathead using the "ter-let" and you can see its universal appeal. It's the language of Mars (where men are from - remember?) and the only quote you know fits John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Tom Selleck, George Clooney, and Frankenstein. It sings and has an element of drama, and it's a lot more colorful than saying "I have no idea!"
Yes, there's no need in complicating life by being open and honest with those you love. Being vulnerable is asking for trouble! It takes time! Time away from hunting, fishing, watching football with the guys, and eating hot wings. There is, however, one other response - but it's hard to write about due to the many variations there are of it.

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