Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Favorite Holiday!

I hope that you are having a great Thanksgiving. We are really enjoying having ALL of our family here this year for the first Thanksgiving we've had together since the year before we left TN. We moved six years ago, but it was seven Thanksgivings ago that we were last together for this special holiday. Lots of food, fun, and just being together. I got to take our oldest grandson, Joshua, on his first hunting trip Tuesday afternoon. He wasn't hunting, just seeing what it is like. I got this two man stand last Summer just so I could start taking our grand kids with me, so they could see if it was something they might like to learn how to do.

It was a beautiful day, but it was a little chilly. Joshua was cold within 45 minutes, but fortunately I had my heavy fleece coat on my backpack and I used it to wrap him up and keep him warm. We didn't have any deer come right by us, but we did get to see a nice 8 or 10 point buck about sixty yards away. He was big and pretty. I told Joshua, a lot of hunters go hunting for years and never see a deer that nice and he got to see one on his first trip. I know, I've had years like that.

It rained all day yesterday (Wed.), so we took the grand kids over to the church building and let them run around while Chad and Pat helped me move chairs around. We had a wonderful area-wide Praise Service Sunday night, and we had put all our extra chairs in the auditorium. We needed to set up a couple adult classes that use the same chairs, and stack some up in the back so we wouldn't have too many seats for our normal Sunday morning assembly. Once the chairs were moved, we got to toss a football around a little, and just let them burn off some energy that couldn't be burned off in our house - with fifteen people in it.

These two smaller pictures are ones that Pat took with his phone camera.
It sure was nice to have some extra muscle with me to move all those chairs. After all the food we've been eating, we needed the exercise as badly as the kids did. Speaking of's about time for our Thanksgiving dinner. There may be some additional pictures later.

Happy Thanksgiving 2010

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