Tuesday, November 30, 2010

More Family Time

It's back to the routine again, after an incredible week with family. "Incredible"? I've been chewing on the thought that we have become a people in search of superlatives - but that will have to wait until the next blog. Right now I wanted to share some additional pics from last week while the experience is still fresh on our minds.
If you look real closely at the above picture you will see tiny blurs of snow flakes falling. See the blurs off to the left? It was neat to have a beautiful snow fall for just a short time last week. We had a little of everything with sunny and 70 on Monday, rain storms, dropping temps, snow, and cold sunny winter-like day's on Friday and Saturday.

Again, if you look hard you can see the snow flakes that Curtis, Ashlyn, and Caleb are trying to enjoy.

This looks exactly like the earlier picture of Joshua in my double tree stand, but it's Chad and his oldest Carter, settling in for an evening hunt. Carter did really well. It was cold and windy and the deer weren't moving much, but they still saw a buck way up the hill directly in front of them. I was about forty yards away in another stand, and I saw five does, who all stayed a long way from my effective range with a bow.

This is a better zoom in picture. Carter had his camo on and was really excited about going on his first hunt with his Dad and Papa. I really think there is something special that happens when kids spend time in the woods with their Dad, or Mom. There is something about appreciating nature and God's handiwork, and learning patience and enjoying time to think and meditate, and having stories of things seen and experienced that - well, it bonds you like nothing else. If I had to do it all over again with my three, I'd have taken them with me a lot more than I did. It's a lot harder when your day off is a school day, but I'd still like a few more memories of having them with me. Back then, we never even thought about taking daughters hunting, so I only took Jonathan with me, but today, the largest group of new people coming into bowhunting is girls/women. The new bows are so much easier to learn how to use, and the ladies are proving to be excellent bowhunters.
So, maybe next year Ashlyn will go hunting? They do have pink bows now.

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Elizabeth said...

Who knows....maybe she'll trade in her pink bows for a pink bow. :)

Thanks for posting these pictures. I'm so glad to have a picture of Carter's first hunt!