Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"It's Not Easy To Stay In Love!"

Since I told some folks that I'd share the following from last Sunday's lesson on my blog, here are the ten "SIGNS" I mentioned in my introduction to illustrate that "It's not easy to stay in love."
1. Did you think you were "falling" in love and found out that you only tripped?
2. Did your spouse offer you the moon, and all you got was an RC and a Moon Pie?
3. Did he promise you precious jewels and it turned out to be Lucky Charms for breakfast?
4. Did your Prince Charming end up being one of the Seven Dwarfs in a suit?
5. Did your "Message in a Bottle" come from Anheuser Busch?
6. Did your "Sleeping Beauty" wake up and start flying a broom?
7. Has your George Clooney turned into Loony Tuney?
8. Did she say she'd worship you, but all you've gotten are burnt offerings?
10. Did you marry a Mac Truck that was disguised as a Mini Cooper?
All this to help me set up the point: Love is the vehicle that takes us to God!
Really! I was able to make the connection!

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