Monday, March 01, 2010

Finally, Out of the Closet

This may not mean much to anyone but our family, but we finally got around to "trying" to organize the rest of our basement. If you've been checking on my blog the last couple years, you know that year before last I finished out our basement. Two areas that went untouched were the two store rooms. The small one (above) is were I've been keeping all my hunting gear, and the large one, about a fourth of our basement, was the big store room holding furniture, Christmas stuff, boxes, and odd stuff. It was full and in desperate need of attention. Most of the stuff in it, the boxes, were/are things we haven't unpacked or seen in over five years - some longer. So it's kind of like doing an archaeological dig. Every box is a discovery full of memories - all of which makes us forget our vow to be ruthless about our stuff and get rid of most of it.
Donna is standing in the - now - clean pantry, with new shelving which is three quarters filled already. She can now put all her extra kitchen stuff, some too big to put upstairs, and also have all her Christmas dishes on shelves (one entire unit, by the way) so it will be much easier to get it out this next Christmas. The remaining shelf will be for non-perishable foodstuff and supplies.
For family, my hunting stuff now, temporarily, resides atop the queen size bed, and the rest of the finished basement is covered with Christmas stuff and storage stuff we are still organizing and deciding what goes to trash, Goodwill, repacked, or to the real owner - one of you.
There is still a ton of stuff in the store room, but the goal is to get this all done in the next few weeks. I still want to build a small closet for all my hunting gear.
In the meantime, it's nice to be able to actually walk around in the store room. I can already see the day, Lord willing, when we might have a bathroom downstairs.


Deborah said...

WOO-HOO!! Wow, this looks incredible. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that the shelves will be totally full before Mom gets done with them!

A bathroom downstairs? Really? SWEET!

elizabeth said...

Why do I have the feeling that all this organization means I'm gonna have a few boxes of stuff to go through??!!

I love the pantry space...perfect for Mom!

Kathy Rose said...

I think I may be sorely jealous!! That looks like a great space for stuff. If you need any help in filling those shelves (ha) just let me know.......


Glenave Curtis said...

Oh, what an encouragement for me to do the same! But first, I need a nap.