Thursday, February 25, 2010

Church Potato?

Donna took this picture Sunday. This is how I shared my "You may be a couch potato if" list. I didn't stay like this, though it's not a bad way to preach.
So after talking about couch potatoes, I transitioned into the idea of Church Potatoes. What are they? Remember my definition of a couch potato (see last blog)? "Mindless watching while neglecting more important things." Let's see, mindless watching...? And neglecting more important things...? That'll preach! It did. Here are some of the "not so funny" characteristics of a Church Potato. (This was all just my introduction to a lesson on Mark 1:35-45)
You May Be a Church Potato if...
*'re thinking "I'm here and don't ask me to do anything else!"
* want to be entertained and not do any of that "one another stuff" - like love, encourage, forgive, etc. etc.
* like predictable formats with no surprises or challenges! (Now what's the purpose of the assembly again?)
* have no intention of doing anything like studying or praying until next Sunday!
*'ll spend more on lunch today than on your church family this whole week!
* know what you believe, you just don't know why or where to find it!
* look like church people, but you have no time to be a disciple of Jesus!
* are already counting the minutes until you can get out of this place!
* don't want spiritual meat, just comfortable milk! (see Heb.5:11-6:6)

Ouch! I'm not interested in picking on anyone or unnecessarily making anyone feel bad or guilty. I am very interesting in challenging all of us to be honest and, as I said Sunday, move from being a Church Potato to being like the Bread of Life.
I actually did have a joke about looking more like Jesus than Mr. Potato Head, but I didn't use it.

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