Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rust Doth Corrupt!

One of the saddest things that I have seen through the years is spiritual leaders who stop learning. While it's sad to see that in any Christian who claims to be growing, it is especially sad when it is someone who is guiding others, setting the example, and supposedly growing in wisdom. On the other hand, it's thrilling to see "older" Christians who seek out new ideas, read mind-stretching books, and go to things that will challenge and enlighten them. Show me a church leader who constantly reads good spiritual books, and I'll show you a man or woman of God who has something to give and share with others besides more tomb paint.
My son-in-law's father is an incredibly busy doctor with patients, staff, facilities, and hospital work that demands a great deal of his time, and he's also a shepherd for his church family. One of the things I admire most about him is his thirst for knowledge. He reads and studies constantly! He reads new and old books, text books, and theology books that would have me snoring in five minutes. And you know what? All their children are the same way. He knows the values of keeping his mind growing, learning, and stretching!
I share him as an example because I've always believed that the mind is like any other organ of the body. When it comes to our bodies, especially as you age, the old axiom is true - "Use it or lose it!" I recently read a great article in the latest AARP Magazine (I'm barely old enough) about fending off aging problems like Alzheimer's and other problems of dementia. Recent studies are proving, "The more you work your mind, the greater your cognitive reserve. And the greater your reserve, the greater your ability to withstand the inevitable challenges of aging." (p.48 "Boost Your Brain Health")
I especially like the statement, "...the healthy brain gets stronger with age." That says it all when you're trying to figure out why some people become smarter, sweeter, and changeable with age, while others become grumpy old men or women. What is it they say in that commercial? "The mind is a terrible thing to waste." It's even worse to let it get rusty with age!
Use it or lose it!

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Deborah said...

Pat and I are equally proud of the way BOTH of our fathers continually grow and crave learning new things, especially about God's Word. What examples we have to follow!