Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Short Review

A Brief Summary From Sunday Mornings Lesson:
Once upon a time a nice young girl named Holly was given a copy of the Bible to study. She was happy to receive it as she sat down on her bench to read it. Immediately she began to be uncomfortable on the hard wooden bench. She stopped reading as she squirmed trying to find a comfortable way to sit. Soon she just gave up and left the Bible sitting on the bench.
A nice, not so young man named Glenn was given a Bible to read and he eagerly carried it to his rocking chair and began rocking and reading. He was really enjoying it - until he started getting tired from rocking. And then the sun was beating on him and he got hot and uncomfortable. He was torn between wanting to continue with the reading, and quitting to get away from the sun and rest from the rocking. He laid the Bible on the end table and gave up.
Then there was a sweet girl named Kiva who received a Bible which she took straight to her big, comfortable easy chair, and she just relaxed and enjoyed every moment spent with the Word. But then, a guy named Steve started showing her the Headlines in the newspaper and telling her about all the things in the world to be worrying about. Then came Danny with his Cabela's credit card telling her how much nicer life would be if she was wealthy enough to enjoy such a luxury. They were joined by OD who was flashing his I-Phone in her face and appealing to her desire for the newest "thing". At first she ignored them, but then she began to listen, and gradually she closed her Bible and was carried away with their shiny offers.
When Jerry took his Bible and sat in his office chair, a chair you work in, he not only enjoyed his study, but he internalized it. Soon he felt compelled to find three others to join him and study God's Word together. One sat on the bench, one on the rocker, and the other in the easy chair, because - it's not where you are when you receive the Word, it's where you go with it! It's about staying on the journey and growing.
(Another version is found in Mark 4:1-20 - and a BIG THANK YOU to all the impromptu actors who helped me Sunday.)

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Deborah said...

This is great! I wish I could have been there to see it acted out in person.