Saturday, March 20, 2010

Movie Recommendation

We watched Taking Chance last night. I friend let us borrow his DVD of this HBO made movie, and all I can say is you need to see it. It is a true story of a Marine officer asking to be the official representative for the Marines in taking a Marine who was killed in Iraq back to his family in Wyoming. The things he experiences in terms of caring and patriotic Americans expressing their appreciation for the sacrifice will truly move you. It's a real story about a real Marine named Chance Phelps. The story was originally the officers After Action Report that he was required to turn in when he finished his assignment. It's powerful and makes you feel good about what our men and women are doing, but also how our country cares and respects them. I kept thinking, "What a difference from the days of Vietnam!" - praise the Lord!
(I saw it at Target the other day. I'll have to go back and purchase a copy.)

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