Saturday, January 16, 2010


Okay, my church family won't even see this until tomorrow, so don't tell anyone that I gave my blog readers a sneak peak. This is the logo for this year's Bible Action Musical. The story of Esther is really much more complicated and multifaceted than most of us think it is. That makes writing a play/musical about it very difficult. Lot's of scene changes, which is a killer for stages without curtains or a real backstage. Still, I finished the script just before Christmas and the music has been picked out since the Fall, and I really feel good about it. I think it will be the best musical yet. It's number five for Florissant, and it will be a fun experience for all of us who put it on and everyone who sees it. There are a lot of new things in terms of format and casting, and it has the highest number of songs of any play we've done (24). We have my usual mixture of Oldies R&R, Broadway tunes, and Praise songs. I had a lot of fun writing all new lyrics for all the Broadway tunes and most of the Oldies songs. It has some of the funniest use of songs that we've ever had. It will be fast moving and extremely entertaining, but still tell a very moving story about a simple Hebrew girl becoming queen of Persia. We've got a HUGE critter that will appear, but no official narrators! Told you it was different.
I'm introducing it tomorrow morning after our assembly time, we will accept applications to be in the cast until Feb.7th, casting will be done by Feb.14th, and our first read through will be on the 21st. Our rehearsals start March 3rd and we have three months to pull it all together.
Love to have you here! As always, it's the first full weekend in June. Four shows: Thursday the 3rd through Sunday the 6th.
Isn't that logo cool? I can't wait to order our T-shirts!

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