Wednesday, January 06, 2010

2010 Wish List

Even though a lot of my church family reads this blog, I wanted to share with everyone else the main points from my lesson last Sunday. I decided to do an end-of-the-year-look-at-the-coming-year-lesson before beginning a new series on the Gospel of Mark. I'd love to have the time and space to elaborate on each one, but if you read my blog regularly, you've seen most of this in writing already.
My Wish List for 2010:
1. I wish every member would seriously reflect on our Purpose as a church. It is what drives us and what every member needs to own. "We exist to help people develop a deeper relationship with Jesus."
2. I wish every member would honestly evaluate where they are spiritually and where they need to go. Our steps to carry out our purpose are simply the steps in building a relationship with others and with God. Connecting - Caring - Committing! Where are you?
3. I wish every one of us would start thinking relationships not church! The cultural church of today is not the church of the Bible. Body & Family = relationships = the purpose of church!
4. I wish all of us would start thinking tools not rituals! Tools are to use not to worship, and God gave us tools to help us help one another grow spiritually, not so we'd have rituals to perform.
5. I wish all of us would stretch our understanding of what God really wants! He wants loving seekers not arrogant truth holders. (read Acts 17:27-28 for clarity)
6. I wish all of us would help someone else grow! It's still the best way to grow. One another stuff is not just about self!
7. I wish all of us would really become witnesses for Him! See the opportunities to be Christ-like and to share your story.
8. I wish we all could let go of this world a little more. It's a process we must start - it's inevitable!
9. I wish we all would lose our fear of family responsibilities! Reason for detachment and lack of involvement. "Love casts out fear."
10. I wish that when we form a huge circle in heaven and sing praises to God - you're there!

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marymorningcrow said...

Greeting my friend
I've been guided to make contact with you.My daily mediation brought your name to my mind.JOYFUL here you are feb.5 2010.Let me ask a few questions to see if your the mike root minister that I knew many moons ago under a nevada sky.??? my friend was voluteer fireman,loved trains and me and God. Even if you are not that I admire the way you ask your group to be more christ conscious and less worldly conccious. love and light