Thursday, January 28, 2010

South and Central America

Theses are three quick picks from over 250 pictures of the last three days. Wish I could put more up but the cost is high and the downloading is sooo slow. This is Donna with the port of Cartagena around us. Neat tour. Temps where 98 & we both got sunburned. I know, you really feel sorry for us.
The Panama Canal transit was incredible - to say the least. There is no way the pics do it justice. We started at 5 am and finished about 3 pm. We watched it all! It was really amazing to see it work especially when you remember it was build over 100 years ago. We have tons of pics and even this one is hard to appreciate because you can't imagine how huge it is.

Yesterday we did a tour of Panama City. We saw both the old and the new. The high rise buildings in new Panama City is unbelievable. It was a neat tour, in the 90's again but not nearly as tiring a hike as Cartagena was. We are at sea today and will be in Costa Risa tomorrow. It's been a wonderful trip so far, but, as usual, we've been eating way too much. I feel a long diet coming on when we get back.
Next pics in a couple days. God bless.


Deborah said...

Okay, that first pic of Mom with her hair pulled back and her sunburn is too cute!

What a cool trip you are having. Looking forward to more pictures!

Gretchen said...

Hi Guys , this is Gretchen the trip looks great. I watched you guys go through the canal on the canal web cams. I saw it rained a little. Donna you look so cute with your hair pulled back. Please tell my mom and dad all is good, I purchased the tickets and we miss them. So jealous you will be in Costa Rica tomorrow. Cant wait to see all the pics. TTFN