Saturday, January 02, 2010

Look Who's Talking!

One of the ironies of living with all the technology that we've become addicted to in the last ten years is, with all the communication that is happening on a 24/7 basis, the quality of relationships doesn't seem to be getting any better. Everyone is walking around or driving their cars with a cell phone held or attached to their ear. Many people, young and old, are so busy texting that they never look up. And then there is all the different kinds of online communicating from emails to Twittering, Skype, etc., etc. There has never been a generation that has ever lived that had the means to stay in touch as much as we do today. We SHOULD be having the closest marriages, families, friendships, and work place communication the world has ever seen. There should be less misunderstanding, miscommunicating, and speculating then at any time since there were more than two people on earth. But, to coin a phrase, "It ain't happening!" Why? Two things I've been saying for may years are 1) there is no relationship without communication, and 2) if you don't communicate you speculate. They are absolutely true, but they simply point out that communication is a tool for relationships not a guarantee of relationship building. There is another "c" that must be part of the equation or the communication is just something we use to "feel" in touch, or appear to be "needed," or to boost our ego. There is no relationship building without commitment and that commitment must be to building a relationship rather than just maintaining it.
Just think about it. If access to communication was the secret to a deeper relationship, everyone would have a deep relationship with God. He's always present and accessible, but not always sought. Communication without some level of commitment is just self-serving and noisy. When driven by commitment it's sharing, giving, and building at it's best.
"Speak Lord, your servant is listening."

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