Tuesday, September 02, 2008

My President

Yes, I'm "old fashion" when it comes to my President. The words "old fashion" and Mike Root are rarely ever put together - at least in my mind. But when it comes to my President, I'm very old fashioned about being loyal, supportive, bi-partisan, and proud. I don't like the attack mentality that has permeated our media and society since the Nixon years. I WANT to believe the best about MY President no matter how much I disagree with a specific decision or course of action he may take. He's the leader of my country! He represents us, the greatest nation to ever exist on this planet, and he deserves our respect and support. When we let our petty politics and personal preferences override our pride for our country and our loyalty to our leader - yes it's our right, but it also just make us look like the spoiled, ungrateful, and bully nation the rest of the world thinks we are. I refuse to let the news media make me a cynic! I refuse to let the political speculators sell me their negative, depression, suspicious way of thinking! And I also refuse to let "Holly-Weird" industry make me feel like a victim who is entitled to government hand-outs, tax-free living, and cheap liberty!
I can not vote for any party that says ending a babies life is okay and simply a matter of choice. It can't be just another side issue for anyone who believes God loves those little lives. That being said, I like both candidates and their running mates. I don't agree with every policy of either one. I believe they are both some of the classiest men we've had running for the chief office in a long time. I will be proud and supportive of whoever gets to the the Oval Office. In spite of what the News people and the partisan myopic say, they will no longer be a Democrat or a Republican to me, they will be my President, and I will pray for God to help them and guide them as they lead us.
There ya go! That's my political comment for the year. Father, give us leaders who listen to You!

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Nathan said...

I just want to say that I totally agree with you on this one Mike. I have found it hard sometimes to stomach some decisions that politicians make and as much as I may not like the "other guy"'s perspective or his views on when babies are entitled to human rights, I will still pray for him if he is elected. I may not vote for him, but I will pray for him.