Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mountain Top Experience - Again

Can you believe this is a rest stop? It's smack in the middle of the Rockies on I-70 just before Vail. It was breath-taking and cold. At this point, Danny and I are about 2 to 3 hours from Meeker, CO and the start of our elk & mule deer hunt. This year I determined to buy a "cow elk only tag" because in the past, I've always purchased the "either sex" (bull or cow) tag, at a much higher price, and always got so fixed on hunting the bull elks that I didn't take shots at cows - and bring home some meat! I don't like to believe in Murphy's Law, but I do think it applies in defensive driving and in hunting. With my "cow only" tag, I was in the middle of six huge bulls - like I've never been before. One was the largest bull elk I've ever seen in twenty plus years of hunting this property. One (a huge 5x5) even stood at twenty-five yards broadside and never knew I was there. Temptation? Never - just amazement. Seconds later this large cow elk crossed in front of me at about fifteen yards. The shot was high and there was no blood trail, but it didn't matter since she dropped in her tracks just forty yards away - exactly where I'm holding her.

It doesn't look like it here, but she is huge. I couldn't even roll her over and begin the field dressing by myself. I had to go for help.

It took the three of us a long time to muscle her into the back of Darryl's Polaris. She was, I guess, about 400 pounds pre-field dressing. Praise the Lord, we have a freezer full of awesome meat. Elk is soooo much sweeter than venison and even has less fat per grams than venison - like I care!
This is for Kevin and Brian, who couldn't go with us. The ranch is still there, but - are you ready for this - Sleepy Cat has closed! Sad, I know, but Cary's Steakhouse is still there and it has awesome hamburgers.
Thank God for safe travel and a wonderful week in His special playground. Unfortunately, we came home to find out our house had be broken into, messed up, and several things stolen. Just stuff. I feel sad for the kids who did it. They're headed in a painful direction.
God is good and I'm thankful that we got to enjoy another great week of hunting and Donna got to spend some time with all the crew in Nashville.
Now - bow season is open in Missouri and it opens in IL next week. Life is good.

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elizabeth said...

Wow...great pictures. I love those mountains! And, can't wait to eat some ELK!!!!