Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Missouri Morning With God

Yes, it's hard to not say the 1 picture = 1000 word thing. It was so incredible out in the woods yesterday morning that my camera couldn't even do it justice. FYI - the deer was 22 yards away, but I enjoyed the spying over the shooting (it helps to have a freezer full of venison). I also had some turkeys come by at about 20 yards (the two legged feathery kind) and if I'd known the pictures didn't turn out - none of them - I'd have had my bow in hand instead of the camera. The colors on the trees were so vibrant and beautiful - I wish they'd last longer. Wow, what a metaphor of life - I smell a sermon - not! God's creation is always one of the best sermons we'll ever hear or see! Thank you Lord for another day in your cathedral!

(By the way Chad, the doe came from exactly were the script said! Sorry she waited.)


Melanie said...

That's one of the things I loved about coming home when we were in Dallas! The kids have been really excited about the changing of the leaves this year! And I'll admit, me too! Fall is my favorite!

deborah said...

Tonight before the sun went down, we saw the most vibrant full double rainbow ever! It was such a fantastic opportunity to share with Joshua and Caleb that God is the best artist of all.

Last week, I was taking Caleb to school (we drive through hills the whole way). I pointed out at the colorful leaves in the distance and asked Caleb, "Do you know who made the leaves like that?" He said, "God did. He's the goodest colorer!" Now that's a sermon.

Anonymous said...

I would like to request sweet potatoes and that 20 yard shot for Thanksgiving please!

Donna said...

Hey, anonymous, the sweet potatoes I can guarantee, I don't know about the 20 yard shot! :)

Emily said...

Hey Mike! Glad to see you started blogging - I always loved reading your books and now I can read your writing all the time! Hope all is well and tell Donna I said hi. :)

-Emily Tate