Friday, October 06, 2006

Something to chew on!

I'm still thinking about this Sunday's lesson. Here's the point: "What you see depends on where you sit!" I wrote about that in the last blog, but I keep having moments of reaffirmation every day. I was just at a meeting of ministers, whom I love and respect, but our devotional thought was about spending more time worshipping throughout the week rather than reducing it to one hour on Sunday. Sounds like something from one of my books, except I wouldn't define worship as any segment of a day any more than I'd describe our sacrifice to God as only being certain hours of our life. Here's the thought to chew on: are we not still sitting in the Temple when we continue to see Jesus as someone to be worshipped? Ha-Ha! That statement will only scare you if you still think of worship as a point-in-time bowing down and doing obeisance (proskuneo in Gr.) rather than a life lived in obedience to God (latreuo in Gr.). As long as we start with that Temple paradigm, we can always beat ourselves with guilt for the lack of time spent worshipping God. It's not about three or five times a day or even which days of the week - it's about living, seeking, and loving Him, and He says we do that by loving and serving one another! So here's the final blog-bite to chew on for today: Jesus never asked us to worship Him but to have a relationship with Him!


Big Mike Lewis said...

Hey Mike,

I loved Spilt Grape Juice. I have it in my stack to read still, but I am going to work through Unbroken Bread when I get the chance.

I tried using Spilt in a small group, but it was too radical for them.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm sure I will be here a lot now too.

elizabeth said...

You were writing this to me, weren't you, Dad?! :)

Thanks for always telling me what I NEED to hear!!

Melanie said...

I love this thought! And I really loved Sunday's Sermon! God has really blessed you with the abiltity to reach people with words! My throat closes up everytime I hear you speak! Thanks for always being bold and saying what needs to be said!