Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tis the season...

Well, I did it again yesterday. I was at Lowe's looking for some indoor spotlights for our basement, but I found myself drawn to the huge Christmas yard decoration aisle and all the possibilities for adding to our already decorated house. I've never really been much into decorating the outside of our house for Christmas. I like it, just not enough to put the work or the money into turning our house into a drive-by Christmas show. Our neighbors are hugely into it. I've had pictures of their house on my blog in the past. Last year, I used a picture of their house in my Sunday morning power point presentation, and compared it our house, which last year had zero decorations. I think I made a joke about people thinking we were the only Jewish family on the block.
So what was I doing looking at expensive yard decorations of angels and snowmen and Christmas trees - all built out of lights? I wanted just a little something to "cap-off" the already well lighted front of our house - for our grand kids. That's why we didn't decorate at all last year - no one was coming to our house for Christmas - so why do it? I can live with the knowledge that people who drive or walk by looking at all the other decorated houses might think I'm related to The Grinch. I don't care, but with the grand kids coming to our house for Christmas this year - the lights were up two weeks ago!
So, did I buy another Christmas decoration yesterday? I thought long and hard about it, but -hey - they were all $80 to $100, and since I haven't finished Christmas shopping for the grand kids, the "common sense" part of my brain said, "Save it for gifts!" After all, I have stocked our coffee K-cup selections to mammoth proportions, but what can I say, that's for all the "Big kids". Wait - I'm seeing a theme here! Oh yeah, I'm excited that our whole family will be here for Christmas for the first time since we moved to Missouri seven years ago, and that our newest grand baby will spend his first Christmas with us!
Maybe I will go back and look at those decorations just one more time...

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