Friday, December 09, 2011

Bears & Angels?

Can you be a fan of bears without being an idiot?

My good buddy JV sent this picture to me the other day. While there are a lot of ways to apply the picture and the caption, it kinda reminds me of some Cardinal fans (?) who are are slamming Albert Pujols for leaving and going to LA. While I hate to see him leave, there is something rather crazy about thinking that because I'm willing to buy a $50 ticket to watch the Cardinals, he should be willing to give up about five million a year to entertain me. I also see it as a classic example of how most people view life. Rather than being thankful for over a decade of historical baseball, including two World Series Championships, all they can think about is what we're not going to have anymore. I will miss him and I truly wish he could have finished out his career in baseball with St. Louis, but I'm certainly not going to judge his heart or diminish his character by accusing him of greed and selfishness. Pro baseball isn't a "Be true to your school" proposition. It's a business, and I'm sure he did what he felt was best for himself and his family. I also have always respected his spiritual convictions, so I know he prayed a lot about this decision, and who am I to question what he felt he was guided to do?

Albert! Good luck, God bless, and thanks for the memories!

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