Sunday, December 18, 2011

Da Group!

This is most of our One Another Group that met tonight at our house for discussion time and fellowship. We've had a great time discussing themes from The Andy Griffith Show. Most of them have been two minute clips from the show, and they just provide an introduction to a theme that we enjoy talking about. It's been a lot of fun having this group in our home. I just wanted to take a picture of the group tonight since it will be a month before we meet again. It's a fun group and a close group -as you can see with ten people sitting around a six seat dinner table. We've been blessed to have them in our home, and hopefully, we've learned a little something a long the way too. Since Donna fixes a meal every Sunday evening for our group - I know the food had been great and probably what pulls everyone back week after week. Lord willing, next month we will begin a study of Romans - so no more lessons from Barney.

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