Monday, July 18, 2011

Showers of Blessings!

Here are a few of the pictures I took Saturday at the shower Donna and several helpers had at our house for Ashley and Caleb. For some reason my camera isn't focusing as well as it should, but these will give you the gist of what happened. Donna and the ladies did a super job of preparing everything and hosting a great shower for the young couple.

This was just before the start of opening all the gifts. They really got some nice stuff. There really are some guys present. About four are in the basement with me watching the Outdoor Channel. (Did you see those deer on the wall? Awesome!)

There was "food, glorious food" in every room. Good stuff!

This was at the very start of the shower. Before I sampled several of the above.

This is for family. Please notice: The DESK! It really does have a top.


Glenave Curtis said...

WOW! THE DESK!! Would you come help me with my sewing center now??

Elizabeth said...

Oh my goodness....the desk!!! Way to go mom! I know you worked all looks great!

Donna said...

Yes ... well ... I will get to the box that about half of the stuff from the desk went into --- later! However, we had such a good time at the shower! Wonderful party for a wonderful couple!