Thursday, April 08, 2010

What's The Motto With You?

Back when I was coaching the Jr. High basketball team in TN, I developed a short motto or mantra that I said to the kids at every practice. It was a threefold goal or purpose statement that described what we were, or should be, all about. Have fun, do your best, and glorify God. I really liked the simplicity, accuracy, and biblical focus of each part. I have used that as our purpose statement with our musical each year since we first started it, five years ago. I still really like it. It has become a life purpose for me. I believe it is what Jesus would tell us, if he were talking with us and giving us a simple focus in life. He does want us to enjoy life, and if we are his lights - his ambassadors - we should seek to do our best at whatever we do - from basketball to Bible Action to being "a living sacrifices" for him. When we do that, he will be glorified!
We are what we believe and what we believe comes from what we tell ourselves. This is something we can tell ourselves that will keep us focused on our loving Father, who has been driven by a desire to have a relationship with us before he said, "Let there be light." The secret to truly doing all three - having fun, doing our best, and glorifying God - is being in love with the One who loves us so much.

PS. Brothers of the "cloth" - it's an easy three point sermon too! It'll preach!

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