Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Final Steps

At the risk of boring those who are not family folks with my porch again, I just wanted to let the world know that it past Final Inspection yesterday morning. I finally found time to redo the larger steps you see above - since they failed the first time. I'm sure family will immediately notice the HUGE difference in the top step that is now five eighths of an inch taller. I now have three steps that are about 7 and 5/8 inches each, and I'm sure that will prevent all manner of accidents from happening. (If you're new to my blog - yes, that is sarcasm!)
I was also able to get the side steps done and you will be happy to know that they are 7 and 5/8 inches each exactly & equally. Ironically enough, the inspector who has done all the other inspections, including the failing of my original steps, retired in March and the new guy who did the final yesterday never even pulled out his measuring tape. It's nice to have it over and behind me so I can move on to the things I really want to do to the porch. I have to admit, it was fun figuring out, measuring, and cutting the six new stringers for the two stairways. Stringers are those angled board that the step boards rest on. If some one had "splained" to me back in high school how important math would be in working on my house, I would have paid better attention. Any way, it's ready for family and friends to come visit and sit in the shade and enjoy the peaceful pond and critters. Of course, we've been doing that for several months now - but avoiding those dangerous steps that were off by an inch.


Deborah said...

Looks great! Cannot wait to come enjoy it in another month and a half!

elizabeth said...

I cannot believe he didn't pull out his measuring tape! That is both funny and irritating. They look great, though. We will be seeing it all shortly.