Thursday, April 15, 2010

Does Anyone Know What TIme It Is?

I have come to accept the fact that there are things in life that I am obsessive about. I'm not OCD about them, but there are things that I have to daily repeat my mantra "It doesn't matter" regularly. I like to think that most of the things I'm obsessive about are things that are important enough to be worth the focus I give it. In truth, I don't think having routines or set ways of approaching things as being obsessive or "set in your ways." To me, things are driven by logic and and efficiency. I want to do things in the most time sensitive and economical way. I am obsessive about not finding out later that something could have been done a lot quicker and easier than how I did it. Most of the time, my routines come from a desire to not want to waste time thinking about how, when, or why I do something. We all chose our routines because they work for us and they give us a sense of direction without making EVERYTHING a huge decision.
How would you function if your watch, phone clock, and all other clocks were removed? I've thought about leaving my watch off, but I know I'd look at my bare arm over and over again all day. I've wondered about being obsessed with time. My wife jokingly accuses me of "eating by the clock" and not hunger. (Oops, it is just about time for lunch!) I usually divide many of the tasks that I do each day by blocks of time I want to give to them, and I do know that once I've decided on a time for something - it becomes LAW for me - and I have to remind myself "It doesn't matter" - and I relax.
I've decided to not feel guilty about using time. It doesn't own me, I just choose to use it to provide structure to my life. It helps me organize and be efficient. It helps me be a better steward of the time and talent God has given me. It helps me work better, but it also helps me relax - when the time comes, and it helps me put limits on when and how long I watch TV, read, use the computer, or work around the house. I would put my work ethic and effectiveness against any ones, and using time as a tool is an important part of that.
I'm excited about seeing what heaven will be like since it will be timeless. Will I spend eternity checking my bare wrist?

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I certainly come by it honestly...