Friday, August 07, 2009

Family Vacation

It's family vacation week, so I don't have time to write a serious, thought-provoking blog about anything. We're just enjoying being together and wishing Jonathan and Holly could be with us. We started the day out yesterday with a trip to Eckerts to pick blackberries and peaches. It was a lot of fun and only took a few minutes to fill up the buckets and boxes. Above you see our two best pickers.
The Milom part of the family made sure that they picked some peaches to take back to Nashville with them.

We then drove to Hardin, IL to eat at Mell's Riverdock Restaurant, one of our favorite out of the way places to eat. Wonderful food with huge portions. This is were I go for breakfast after a morning of hunting in IL.

What a great looking group! This was after the big lunch, so it's a much bigger group than when we walked in.
In the afternoon, we all went to a water park and got lots of sun and water. The kids, big and small, really loved all the slides.

Then we ended the day with another incredible dinner, and after the kids were all tucked in, we played a game until midnight. We even got Mamaw to stay up past her 9:00 bedtime. It's always a blessing to have times like this with family. God is good - have I said that before?


DR said...

I'm so sorry the vacation will be over tomorrow. :( This has been so much fun.

Carol K said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. It looks like you all had a great week together!

Anonymous said...

I loved seeing pictures of Glenave! She looks wonderful and it brought back memories of her and Dean's generous and warm hospitality to some homesick college students!
(Tina Caffi)