Monday, August 17, 2009

Construction! Construction!

We've put all the smaller joists, with the angle cuts, in since this picture was made. We're about 10 or 12 boards away from being finished with this part.

It's Monday morning and I'm watching the rain come down outside as I think about all my plans to work on the porch this morning go down the drain. Maybe it will stop in a while and give us a chance to do a little work. As you can see in these pictures that Donna took, we've been putting the floor bracing in. Steve and I started it Thursday evening, after doing some other support requirements, and then Ken Teson helped me put some more in Friday afternoon.

My buddy Steve came back Friday evening and we put the last of the floor joists in that we had boards for. Today, Lowes is delivering about a dozen 14 footer 2x10's so we can finish it out - if the rain stops. Once all the floor joists are in, I have to call and order another County inspection. When the Powers-That-Be okay it, we can then put the decking on and begin working on the roof. We're not breaking any speed records - you can't when you're just doing a couple hours at a time when you can - but it's gonna happen. As usual, I couldn't do it without the help of some great friends like Steve and Ken. Steve as been the "foreman" of the project and I definitely couldn't have done it without all his help.

Hey, before long I will be watching the rain from my covered back porch. How cool is that?


dr said...

Can't wait!!!

Carol K said...

I look forward to sipping a cup of morning java while chilling on the porch!

Deborah said...

Looks great, Dad. I'm so thankful you have such great friends that can help you with your project. I know you are enjoying the time with your friends just as much as you will enjoy sitting on your porch.