Friday, October 19, 2007

Top Ten October Things

It's been a long time since I did a Top Ten List, and with nothing else rising to the top, it seemed logical to do it on the Top Ten Things I Like About October!

1. It's not August!

2. You gotta love the cooler temps!

3. Just to show I'm not obsessed with it, I'll put Bowhunting season here in the middle, but in truth - it's 1 through 10!

4. In October my wife becomes just one year younger than me rather than two years!

5. Fall colors, and I mean all of them. In Texas the seasons went from Summer to short Winter, then back to Summer again, and the few trees with leave instead of thorns turned yellow for two days before dropping.

6. Columbus Day! Which really means nothing, but I can't say Halloween because certain folks in Nashville will label be "Witch Lover"! (That's a joke Nashville!)

7. Cranking up the fireplace for the first time after Summer. I just wish I knew why I can't get the pilot light lit on my gas logs.

8. The beginning of rut starts in late October. That's bucks in rut not me, though...better not got there.

9. I love the electricity that is in the air as people start thinking and planning for family time at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

10. Did I mention that turkeys are in season for archery hunting now?


Donna said...

OK, 3 of the ten had something to do with bow hunting. I'm glad you enjoy it. I enjoy the meat it produces! :)

elizabeth said...

I expected to see Mom's cooking on the all the "fallish" things she makes. But, maybe that starts in November. Definitely the cooler air is my favorite part of October!

Anonymous said...

Mike, I came across this accidently today. What a treat!

You baptized me when I was 11 at Fairfax C of C way back in 1979. I still have the bible you gave me.

I still go to Fairfax today. It's a lot.............. different now.

I brought my wife to the church before we were married and she accepted Christ shortly there after. I have been married for 12 years and have two kids now. Christ, the church still are a HUGE part of lives today.

Thank you. I remember you fondly and you were a big reason I became a Christian.

I'm going to book mark this page so you may hear from me time to time.

Kyle Holcomb

My parents still go to Fairfax as well. Rich and Nancy Ferris.

You still into elephants?

7:43 AM

Mike said...

Greetings Kyle. I remember you very well. Glad to have you dropping in. Tell your folks hi for me. We have wonderful memories of doing things with your family. God bless.

Anonymous said...

I sure will Mike.

Perhaps you remember the Rodgers? I am having Eric Rodgers and his family over for dinner tomorrow and he will be thrilled that I tracked you down. (so to speak)We grew up together at Fairfax and are still close Christian friends today. There are several others as well.

So many old memories came up for me today as I reflect on your tenure here when I was a child. Good memories.

I'll check back now and again and maybe even let some folks at church know where to contact you if that's alright? Please confirm. I know many of the older members would love to know how your doing. There are still quite a few of us left.

By the way, you didn't say if you were still into elephants or not. I remember your office being full of them.

Talk to you later. Happy hunting this season!

Kyle Holcomb

Mike said...

Sure, several at Fairfax keep up with my blog. I hear from Mike Miller every now and then. As far as elephants go, I've got'em, but they're still in boxes in the basement. Haven't had the space to show them and so, haven't been adding to the herd. Tell everyone hi for me. Mike

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