Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Myth Youth

In preparing for this Myth, I found out the hard way that Peter Pan, the Disney version, does not have the song "I Won't Grow Up" on it. It's only in the play version. And since I waited until Saturday night to check the DVD we own, well - let's just say that there was no movie clip on Sunday morning. Still, most people know what The Peter Pan Syndrome is because we all struggle with it some. We fight growing old as if we can change it. We can't, and here are some of the things I shared about the Myth of Youth last Sunday.
* Do you focus on what you can't do anymore or on what God has empowered you to do now?
* Have you retired or been reassigned?
* Are you productive or pouting (feeling sorry for yourself because you're getting old)?
* We will never be younger than we are right now!
* The only exception is spiritual living, because the more you mature the healthier you become! How's that for a great thing to think about ? To God, we are always His children.
1. The Myth of Youth is the myth of external beauty!
A. To be young or look young is beautiful? That kind of thinking is shallow, selfish, and sin seeking not God seeking?
B. What do we really want? Attention, admirers, people jealous, or lusting over us?
C. We need to redefine beauty to match God's definition of beauty! 1 Sam.16:7; 1 Peter 3:1-4
2. The Myth of Youth is the myth of "better days." Everything was better when we were younger!
A. We suffer from selective memory. There were wonderful times, but not all of it!
B. Remember insecurities? Fears? Ignorance? Twisted priorities? Weakness? Lack of self control? Just to name a few.
C. There is nothing better than NOW! (Eccl.9:7-10)
3. The Myth of Youth is the myth of long life! The younger you are, or think you are, the farther away death must be! Wrong!
A. The older you get, the harder it is to ignore death, but it's a step away from everyone.
B. We must remember that we don't deserve anything! Every day is a blessing and a gift that many others didn't get to have.
C. If you are still fearful of death, what have you been doing all these years as a Christian? Not preparing! Not growing in your walk with God? (Eccl.12:13-14)
4. The Myth of Youth is the myth of significance! You only count if you're young!
A. Only to those who are selfish or full of self pity! Poor me!
B. If thankfulness grows w/ age, who should be the most thankful people on earth?
C. Praise God for every wrinkle and gray hair! They proclaim to all how wonder God has been to us to let us live long enough to have them! They are our badge of blessing! Our promotion stripes! Our crown that most people never got to wear!
D. Older Christians are significant, not because they are alive, but because of what they have to offer. Thankfulness! Years of walking with God! Loving relationships! Learning to give not receive! Learning that God is right! Where else will the young learn these things - from other young people?
Conclusion: Ask Moses which part of his 120 years was the most important? How long did it take to get him ready to be used by God! So, how many burning bushes do you deserve?


Melanie said...

I LOVED this lesson! I can't wait for the rest of the series!

Anonymous said...

rmMike, I came across this accidently today. What a treat!

You baptized me when I was 11 at Fairfax C of C way back in 1979.

I still go to Fairfax today. It's a lot.............. different now.

I brought my wife to the church before we were married and she accepted Christ shortly there after. I have been married for 12 years and have two kids now. Christ, the church still are a HUGE part of lives today.

Thank you. I remember you fondly and you were a big reason I became a Christian.

I'm going to book mark this page so you may hear from me time to time.

Kyle Holcomb

My parents still go to Fairfax as well. Rich and Nancy Ferris.

You still into elephants?

David H. Willis said...

Great stuff. Thanks.