Friday, October 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Donna

Yesterday was Donna's birthday and she spent it doing what she loves best, playing with our grandchildren. It is really nice to have Chad, Elizabeth, Carter, and Ashlyn with us for a few day. Chad and I are trying to hunt with all the rain we are having, which is a blessing for those of us in a drought, but not so much fun for hunting. But, hey, a rainy hunt is better than no hunt. Anyway, we didn't get to celebrate Donna's birthday until later in the evening. She is opening the birthday presents I had for her. The above, is a Lenox Snow White statue to add to her Snow White collection. I think Ashlyn was as excited to see it as Donna was.
So, of course, she had to give Snow White a big hug. Notice the grip Grandma has on Snow White.

Not only is this Donna's big fifty-five birthday, but our thirty-fifth anniversary is coming up on December 14th. I've been planning since back in January to surprise Donna with an anniversary trip to her favorite place in the world, Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Since the time frame, Dec.12-17, of the trip has a new grand baby arriving (any time late Nov. early Dec.), Donna's Children's Christmas Musical (Dec.9th), and a surprise visit of Jonathan and Holly to Nashville - where we will of course be then (Dec.6-8), the calender got too hectic for me to wait any longer to drop this anniversary trip on Donna. Originally I was going to surprise her after the musical was over on Dec.9th, she has several weeks to plan and be excited.

We took a similar trip for our thirtieth anniversary and had a wonderful time. Just the two of us, running all over the four theme parks like kids. Well, she did have to push me some. I couldn't even get her to take an afternoon break for a nap! I guess I better start getting in shape for five days of trying to keep up with DW's greatest fan. Ya know what? It's fun doing things for people ya love! There's a sermon there!


Deborah said...

Happy Birthday Mom! I'm so glad we don't have to keep the Disney World secret anymore!!

I'm glad that Snow White isn't made of gold. I might start wondering if you melted all of Mom's jewelry...

...nah...won't go there...


Hee, hee.

Kathy Rose said...

Yippee i a cow patty!!! You goin ta Disney World. I think Disney World is the best place for celebrating an anniversary or birthday or clean house or new grandbaby or even George Washington's mother's cousin's dog's birthday.

Happy Birthday Donna. I am sooo glad that you are going back to DW.

Much love,