Monday, February 26, 2007

Movie Idea.

Okay, I am officially switched over to the "new blog" format and it was relatively painless. I survived the "clicking" and kept on ticking. I still don't know what it means and the instructions still sound like a foreign language to me, but hey, it's the first step. I'm learning! Besides, I talked to two "really old" friends last week and neither one had ever even heard of blogging. Go figure! Maybe I'm not such a techno-dummy after all.

We had a wild Saturday evening at the Root house. We actually had nothing pressing and no where to be, for a change, so we stayed home and watch DVD's. I told you it was wild. Are you ready for this? We actually watched Ghostbusters 1 & 2 back to back and really enjoyed every minute of it. What fun movies! Nothing deep or bloody (or Donna wouldn't be watching it with me), but just funny, entertaining movies that were still funny after all these years. I loved noticing the differences between the two. The second one supposedly happens five years after the first and, I think, was an improvement. The comedy improved, they all quit smoking, and the new characters really added to the story. The walking statue of Liberty was a stretch, but so was the whole movie - not to mention happy-sing-a-long New Yorkers. And what a rich cast of characters? I'm ready to see Ghostbusters 3! Really! Wouldn't it be great to see how each character has developed over the last twenty years? How about having all of them coming back together to save Dana Barrett's, now adult son, from some new hideous monster that the new CG experts could truly do something fantastic with. They are all big name actors now and would really create some excitement about finishing a Trilogy. Whatdoyathink? I can hear the theme music cranking up all ready and it's gotta have Rick Moranis, the nerdy Louis Tully as an older, mellow husband, married to Annie Potts, the GB's old secretary. How about "The Revenge of Gozer".

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Deborah said...

Dad, you are so funny. I have not thought about those movies in a long time, except when anybody says, "Who you gonna call?" I think Bill Murray is just as funny as he's always been and doesn't look just a TON different, so they could probably pull a trilogy off. Plus, as much as technology has changed, can you imagine what kind of ghosts they could come up with?