Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Let There Be Understanding?

At the risk of sounding supremely negative, I can't help but reflect this morning on several things that just don't make sense to me - things I see or hear regularly and just don't understand. For example:
* I don't doubt "global warming" but I don't understand why folks try to get people to CARE when they are freezing their...toes off! We could use some global warming right now!
* If a man can be an incredibly successful business man, governor of the second largest state in the nation, win a national election, and be in his second term in the White House, I don't understand how can anyone call him "dumb"? If that's the most intelligent way I can disagree with him, it says more about me than it does him.
* I don't understand, and NEVER have, why anyone, but especially players and coaches, would yell at a referee. Here's a news flash! IT NEVER WORKS! IT NEVER HELPS! ALL IT DOES IS PREJUDICE HIS THINKING AGAINST YOUR TEAM!
* I don't understand why people don't use their turning lights, which is a common courtesy and the law, but use their car horns which haven't been needed for decades now.
* I don't understand how you are supposed to know how to spell "courtesy" when you spell things phonetically. "cur...cir...cer...maybe it starts with a k..."
* I don't understand why someone would use part of a Sweet & Low pack and leave the rest for someone else. Who in their right mind would use the remainder of a total strangers pink packet?
* I don't understand "Group Meditation." Isn't that an oxymoron or something?
* I also don't understand "Sports Bar." Just what kind of sport is that. Isn't it a place full of people desperately needing some physical activity in their life? Call it what it is: A Sports Watching Bar!
* I don't understand why so many people act so totally crazy when a TV camera is one them. I like watching some of the Today Show early in the morning, but I'm embarrassed and distracted by crazy people who think being seen on TV is such an astounding event. I can almost understand it at football games, but even then I find myself thinking, "Come on people, get a life!"
* I don't understand teens smoking. Is there anyone in the whole world who still thinks smoking looks cool? What's cool about stinking?
* Along with that, I don't understand why smokers can't or won't comprehend that in a restaurant their smoke stinks, gives head aches to many, and ruins the wonderful smell and taste of the expensive food we are trying to eat. Call me radical, many have, but that seems like a no brainier to me.
* And speaking of restaurants, I don't understand why anyone feels the need to be mean or impolite to a waitress. It's a sure sign of an inferiority complex or being a control freak. Some even act like it's their right - what they are paying for, and that's truly sad. I've been amazed at how some Christians can suddenly be rude and dismissive to someone who is being a servant to them. Go figure! At our New Member's Dinner, the shepherds and ministers server dinner to the new members and the symbolism is intentional. Can you really serve if you don't know how to be served?

These are not things I dwell on. This is not ranting as much as it's wondering. I have too much to be thankful for and too many wonderful people in my life to think about. However, I do find myself forced to think about these recurring experiences, and I guess I will continue to not understand why they happen. I wonder how many things I do that people shake their head and say, "I don't understand why Mike..."? I remember several years ago, on a road trip with a fairly new friend, I was down about several things and I sort of unloaded on him, hoping for sympathy and pity. After I ranted for a while and waited for his words of comfort he said, "Wow Mike, I always thought that you were a very positive person." Uggg! He was hoping I'd be the one to lift him up and instead I dumped on him. Well, the above is mostly tongue-in-cheek, so I hope you can laugh and not feel dumped on. May God bless you will full understand of all the things you see and experience today! At least be nice to referees and waitresses.


elizabeth said...

I'm with you on all of these. And, the pink packet thing just cracked me up!

Deborah said...

I laughed at the pink-packet thing too, but you forgot to mention your favorite habit with a Sweet n Low packet...using the corner of it as a toothpick and then leaving it on the table! Ewwwwww....