Thursday, December 14, 2006


This picture was taken tonight after a wild night of partying and eating too much! Well, at least we did eat too much at Longhorn's Steak House. Today is our thirty-fourth anniversary! I can't remember what the precious stone or metal is that symbolizes thirty-four. Right now I think it's Tums. And by the way, yes we were only five years old when we got married in 1972. Actually it was a cold and snowy evening, and we'd both taken two finals at Harding that day. We laughed tonight about leaving for our honeymoon with $60 and a gas credit card. Our honeymoon consisted of a two day trip from Searcy to Washington, D.C. to spend Christmas with my family. We still had a year and a half of college to finish and we'd have starved to death if my sweet in-laws hadn't let us eat with them so much. God is good. Besides, thirty-four years wasn't THAT long ago. In fact, I'm still making payments on college loans for Harding University. Some things never change. (Boy I hope that's not true!) Also, I don't think I had such a huge forehead back in '72. But how about that good looking girl-friend? She still looks awesome!


Sherry said...

Congratulations! The Haughts

Phyllis Russell said...

CONGRATULTIONS!!! I hope you get at least 34 more years together! I think you both look great! You each hold a special place in my heart. Love you guys. Phyllis

elizabeth said...

I love you!!! I'm so glad Chad and I have such a good example of marriage to look up to!