Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Almost Show Time!

I'm ready to announce for anyone who is interested or who needs to plan their entire 2007 calendar. The 2007 flourishing musical is done! I finished writing it last week and all the music is chosen and being rewritten by me, yea verily this day. Anyone who attended "Fiddling On the Ark" or who saw the DVD version will know that this is a huge event at flourishing and we had a full house every night! The best part was the 300 plus families that we were able to follow up with and place on our mailing list. I fully expect this next year's production to be even bigger, more entertaining, and reach far more people. After all, we had nearly a couple thousand people see it live and probably ten times that now have seen the DVD. I'm planning to add at least one more nights performance and maybe have members attend the dress rehearsal so they can help with greeting, parking, ushering, and such the four nights of the play. So, here it is: The Lord of the Parables: The Trilogy! Right now we have 23 songs planned, but that may change, plus or minus one or two, depending on need. The stories will be The Good Samaritan (in Broadway musical style), The Ten Maidens (using oldies R&R songs), and The Prodigal Son (primarily praise songs). It will be a mixture of instrumental and acappella songs. I could tell you more, but I haven't even told the flourishing family yet, so I better wait until we kick off the prep work next month. So, if you want to see it live, mark down June 7, 8, 9, &10. No reservations or tickets required, but I predict a real challenge in seating all who want to come. Last June we filled up our seating each night, as mentioned, but what I didn't mention was that it was ALL WORD OF MOUTH! We did very little advertising and the post response was awesome. We'll add a couple hundred chairs and extra night and see what happens. Can't wait! Can you picture the five foolish maidens as The Supremes and the wise maidens as The Andrews Sisters? I can - aint it scary?

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elizabeth said...

I'm marking it on my calander....it sounds so fun!