Saturday, December 02, 2006

Snowed In But Power On!

It was so wonderful to wake up this morning in a warm house. Nearly all the houses in Florissant and surrounding areas are without power and the temps are in the teens. They're talking about 4 to 5 days before all the power will be restored. We lost our power for eight days back in July, but it's a lot easier to relax and stay cool in July than to get warm in bitter temperatures. These pictures make it look like a light snow, but under that four inches of snow is about two inches of ice and its the ice that is bringing down power lines, even while they are still repairing the first lines that came down. We also lost power at the church building and had some serious damage in the office area - the new office area - from water leaking through the roof. What makes is even more weird is that on Wednesday it was in the upper 60's and had been for most of the week prior to that. Of course, the toughest part is that it's too cold and the roads are too nasty - to go hunting! Just kidding! Sort of! Actually I'm so sore from shoveling snow and scraping the layer of ice off the driveway that I can hardly move. Hmmm - didn't use to do that to me.


elizabeth said...

It's beautiful! The lake is so pretty. I'm glad you have power, though. No snow for us, yet, just a really bad wind storm that blew our grill all the way across our deck and down the deck stairs. Hope it still works!

deborah said...

Awwwww...I love the way that snow looks. Do you remember building us "snow houses" when we lived in VA? Thanks for letting us see pictures of part of "God's cathedral".

Mamaw said...

Hi Mike. Beautiful pictures of the snow. We had only rain and LOTS of high wind. But guess what; we had a wonderful wood fire to keep us warm. You know how Dean loves to keep the fire going BIG! We are SO grateful to be getting back to normal (albeit, a new normal).
Love you,