Monday, February 27, 2012

Our Florida Tour

Our 14 day cruise was actually two 7 day cruises. So, we were back at Ft. Lauderdale on the second Saturday, but Princess had some neat excursions for those who were continuing. We went on an Everglades Air Boat Ride & Botanical Garden tour that was pretty neat. The above peacocks were walking around the Everglade park.

It was a pretty cool way to see some of the Everglades, but the ride was not the fast-water-skimming experience I was expecting. It was still fun. There were about twenty people in each boat, which is way too much weight to be zooming around anywhere.

They were able to accommodate a huge crowd with the many air boats they had. I did see a two seater off in the distance, so if you really want one of those high speed experiences, that is the one to take. Again, it was still fun.

This is one of my distant pictures of the alligator show. This guy is on one of the TV shows about alligators and it was a good presentation. The problem was that it was in the low fifties temperature wise, and I was in shorts and T-shirt and cold.This was a mountain lion snoozing at the Botanical Garden. It was a pretty nice place and would have been a lot more fun - and beautiful - on a sunny warm day. It was still a fun tour.

These are all really plastic and stolen from peoples front yards. NOT!

We crossed a bridge right over were this guy was calmly resting in the water - I presume - waiting for one of us to fall in.

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