Friday, December 31, 2010

Nashville Christmas

We were blessed to be able to celebrate Christmas in Nashville last week with everyone except for Jonathan and Holly, who were suffering - I'm sure - having Christmas with Holly's family in Florida. As mentioned, we had our Christmas on Wednesday, then the Bills went down to be with Pat's family for the duration of the season. We had a wonderful time, and as usual, the youngest ones seemed to steal the show.

Daniel and Caden were providing plenty of entertainment and camera moments. I love the expressions on everyone's face - especially Caleb over in the chair.

I'm not sure if the small ones really were the center of attention or if they just happened to be the only ones I took pictures of. These five pics are all I took.
The neat thing about that age is that they get as much joy out of the opening of the gifts as the gift itself.

"And now, modeling our latest fashion in aprons..."


Elizabeth said...

I wish I had veto power with some of your pictures! I look horrible! Oh, well....just convicting that I need to work on my "outer shell" a little in the new year. :) So glad you guys came here to spend Christmas with us. It meant so much to Chad and I. We loved being together with everyone, even for just a short while. Love you!

Deborah said...

That shocks me that you only took five pictures! Could it be because you were in the center of the couch surrounded by various granchildren?!

No worries, Elizabeth and I took a couple hundred pictures you can borrow!