Friday, December 24, 2010


I am blogging from Brentwood, TN planning to be safely home in Florissant, MO by tomorrow afternoon sometime. We had a wonderful (early) Christmas with family on Wednesday afternoon, right after we arrived, and then we had a wonderful dinner at a great restaurant in Cool Springs. Pat, Deb, and kids went on down to Pat's family get-together in Tullahoma, and we have really enjoyed a couple of nice days doing things with Chad and Elizabeth and kids. In a little while we will be heading out to a Christmas eve program at Otter Creek C of C and look forward to seeing our grand-daughter perform and see some of our old TN friends who have migrated to there. The plans are to start home tomorrow morning - but all things could change if the snow ends up being a lot more than the news people are saying. We'll see.

Hope that you have a wonderful Christmas and a wonderful time with family and friends.


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