Saturday, September 04, 2010

Skin & Bath?

Sorry, this is mostly for family. I understand if you don't feel inspired. Above, I mentioned to the kids a couple months ago that I saw a large Black Snake crawling in my front yard early one morning. I watched it slither under our front porch, and it was a chore since it had a huge lump from a recently eaten critter in its stomach and had to try a couple times before getting under it. Any way, I haven't seen it since, which is fine, since it was about three and a half to four feet long. While pulling weeds and trimming bushes this morning, I found this snake skin in the bushes just behind where I'm standing. He's still around, just with a new set of clothes.
Far more important than any snake skin is the fact that we finished the upstairs guest bath remodeling project this afternoon. We are really pleased with how it came out. If you don't know how it looked before, it may not mean much to you, but all our family will be glad to see the improvement.

That is one of those curved shower rods. Lot's more room now.

A touch of class! It is a square sink too. Wild isn't it?


Glenave Curtis said...

Oh, how beautiful. Now, you are making me want to do mine! Is that called envy, covetous? Naaaaaaaa!

Elizabeth said...

Love the new bathroom! Dad, you are so handy. When are you coming to our house next? I think we need to make plans for some work on our bathroom. Ours looks a lot worse than that bathroom ever did! As for the snake, I REALLY hope he moves to a new home before Thanksgiving.

Deborah said...

Ummmm, though it pleases me that you have a friend to eat all the critters I cannot stand, it is a little unnerving to know the snake is THAT BIG!!

The bathroom looks amazing! Maybe Jonathan can hook you up with some connections to a home improvement channel?!! ;)

Oh, and I really like the "R" towel. That's classy.

Carol J said...

The bathroom remodel looks great!

It was good to see you and Donna last Sunday! I believe we were the only Cardinal fans munching on homemade sourdough bread!