Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Random Pictures

The Odd Couple, or as we know them - Art & Leonard, do their Bigthana & Teresh song that made their trip to the hangman seem hilarious. By the way, they won the Best Duet Award for the play at the cast party.

Little Miss Ashlyn waiting her turn to run through the yard sprinkler. She was smart enough to not go near it while the boys were running through it. It's a trust thing.

This is a picture I took while we watched the bigger grand kids play in the sprinkler. Deborah is holding her nephew, our grandson, Curtis, who has really turned into quite a sweet & polite little fellow - not to mention handsome.

What can I say? With a face like that, how could you not give Daniel anything he asked for?

Just another day at the C of C - NOT! This was my rendition of Bad Bad Haman Brown that I sang with the chorus as part of the play. Probably won't do that again...but it was fun.
This is a picture that my sister Becky took of us at Union Station. It was one of the places we took her the week after the play. I can't believe that I don't have a picture of her, but like I said, Donna and I were both so busy that we both forgot to take lots of pictures we meant to take.


dr said...

Oh, we had so much fun with everyone here. Hard to believe it's all over now, but we have our memories -- even if we don't have a lot of pictures!! :)

Elizabeth said...

Love the pictures!!! I'm not sure how much longer my kids can wait for their dvd. :)

Deborah said...

I love your random pictures!

You know what a hard-nosed momma I am, and even I have a hard time not giving Daniel what he wants! Pat says that I have become a sucker with number three. Glad to know I'm not the only one!

LOVE the "Haaman Brown" picture and caption. I had to leave the office to tell Pat about it because he wondered what I was laughing about! And I think you should do a solo on guitar every year...of course, I am bit biased.