Thursday, June 03, 2010

Busy But Fun!

Backyard sprinkler time!
The three big boys are enjoying Nana pancakes on the porch.

Dress rehearsal for the play last night. Everyone did a super job. It's going to be great tonight!
The next to last song in the show. I love the words in Fearless For You. It needs to be listened to by every church family. Hope you get to see the play. I think it's one of our best.
Probably won't do another blog for a few days. KINDA BUSY AROUND HERE!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mike and Donna.
Curt and I had planned to come to the play but our Blueprint Sunday is this Sunday. (rescheduled from the FLOOD weekend). Curt is singing with the praise team on Sunday. He loves doing that! We hope you have a wonderful play and turnout and we know it will bless many. Love you both.
Curt and Inez Stubblefield

PS Can we please get a video when they are finished?