Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Transformation Begins

Last Sunday we had our cast luncheon, gave out the scripts & practice CD's, and had our first read through. It was so neat to hear all the lines read by the characters in each scene, and to hear the music that we will adapt and make fit our story. It was very touching for me to hear some of the important lines that will proclaim the message of Jesus to the hundreds who will get to see the play. We have about 56 cast members and will probably have a dozen tech people involved as we get closer to the performance in June. We aren't going to ask for volunteers for all the other work, like construction, promotion, greeting, ushers, etc. until next month, but that will include dozens of members. And, of course, everyone will be part of the advertising for the play. Last year our members gave out fifteen thousand advertisement tickets and door hangers and there was another 2500 Jonah magnets too. The Lord blessed us with over two thousand attendees over the four nights, with about 400 families giving us a chance for some follow-up. Rehearsals won't start until March 4th, but everyone should be practicing their music and getting ready to hit the ground running as we begin our three months of prep.
This play has the potential of being the best we've ever done. The music is awesome, we are more experienced and know how to use our particular strengths for the best results, and - most importantly, this is a message that will clearly challenge the audience to think about the transforming power of Jesus to make us children of our wonderful Father. It will be very entertaining, BUT - the point will be clear and impossible to miss.
Hope you can make it. St.Louis is a great place to take a vacation - especially - say - around - the first week of June!

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