Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Contentment Robbers

Wow! My last blog was my three hundredth blog. I could have written a book with that much writing. Which, by the way, is how books are written - one page at a time, and it's more about persistence than it is about the size of the book. Most people are overwhelmed with the idea of writing something as big as a book, but if you approach it one page at a time, one a day or even 4 or 5 a week, before you realize it - it's a book. I say that and I have two partial books that I've started during the last four years and one more that I finished in TN that needs to be revised and expanded, but I find it harder to find scheduled time to do it. Maybe I should be doing that instead of writing 2-3 blogs a week. Hmmm.
Before I make that decision, let me share the points I had in last Sunday's lesson. They are Contentment Robbers (see the last blog for the set-up). I think I'll just share the outline rather than try to summarize, which would probably be too long.
Introduction: Ocean Eleven depicts the perfect robbery. Why do we cheer for robbers? Ever think about the rational we use to feel good about that? What does it tell us about our ability to rationalize about right and wrong? Robbers have to objectify their victims. What if it was family? You? God? God is robbed when we ignore his love and his Son.
* Contentment robbers are not people but choices we make! I know- ouch!
1. Guilt
A. Peter went back to fishing for fish because of guilt.
B. Secret Sin destroys peace - Phil.4:4-7
C. Satan's Big Don'ts: Don't remove sin & Don't accept grace
2. Competition = life by comparison with others
A. The misery of mastery = I've got to make you lose to feel good
B. What victory means the most to you? Rom.8:37; 1 Cor.15:54-57
3. Lack of Self-Control
A. Addiction destroys self-esteem: I can't = I'm not
B. The real battle: Selfishness is self out of control
4. Purposelessness
A. Contentment is having a clear focus = purpose
B. Why Paul put godliness & contentment together, 1 Tim.6:6-10
C. Discontent comes from lack of direction or self focus
5. Being Fake = dishonest = hypocritical (Not Being Real)
A. Living the lie as way of life = creates fake contentment
B. First sin Jesus confronted = self-righteousness, Mt.5,6,7
C. We are good at faking our faith- learn early, practice often!
6. Gathering Not Giving
A. Lk 12 - Not rich toward God - "my-I-mine"
B. Things vs. People = "I will purchase my happiness!"
C. What is your plan for growing in giving?
Conclusion: What is robbing you? Choices!
* Robbing others, robs God, & robs self
* Remember the cross? Jesus loves robbers too.

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